Custom Flavors News for the New Year

By January 8, 2018News

In 2017 we were fortunate to experience company growth, new products and a high level of innovation from our customers. To keep up, we have grown our production size and added great people to our team. We also saw our former President and longtime leader, Mike Wendling, step back from daily operations to enjoy his family and new grandson after nearly 40 years in the food industry. He will be missed, but as with any dedicated leader, he will never fully be away from that which he loves.

Our entire team is working hard to continue his vision and goals of excellent customer service, extraordinary quality and constant improvement. Perhaps the biggest undertaking is to transition from our original name Custom Ingredients to our new name Custom Flavors. Mike and the rest of our team have been busy working toward this change for a long time. Welcome to our new website as we launch our new design, name and logo.

Custom Ingredients, Inc. began as an ingredient brokering company and transformed to follow the passion of its owner to make unique, gourmet flavors for longtime customers. Our company is built from these strong relationships and many of those valued customers have become friends. The spirit of Custom Ingredients will live on under Custom Flavors. Simply put, the new name better portrays our place and function in the industry. While we’re excited about new opportunities for 2018, the name change won’t have much impact on the everyday business end of things. Custom Flavors will serve as a division of Custom Ingredients, using all the same banking information, tax ID and certifications, not to mention the amazing people and facility we have.

Thank you again for your continued business and the relationship we have built with you. We are here to support you in making product development, sourcing and ordering as easy as possible. Please reach out to us with any way we can make that happen.

Alex Wendling, President