A Greener Future: Custom Flavors’ Commitment to Sustainability

By April 24, 2023Blog, News

At Custom Flavors, we’re dedicated to more than just providing the highest quality flavors. We’re passionate about making a positive impact on our community, our environment, and our planet. In this blog, we’ll explore the strides we’ve made in sustainability and share our vision for a greener future.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: A Step-by-Step Approach

The increasing levels of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses pose a significant threat to our environment’s long-term sustainability. We believe that adopting renewable energy and addressing climate change is essential for creating a brighter future. Here’s how we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Harnessing Solar Power: We’ve installed state-of-the-art solar systems in both of our production facilities, reducing our carbon emissions by nearly 170,000 kg.
  • Encouraging Eco-Friendly Transportation: We offer incentives for employees on the road often who wish to purchase electric or partial zero-emission vehicles (PZEV).
  • Optimizing Energy Efficiency: We use energy-efficient LED lighting in our buildings to maximize the green power we produce.

Sourcing Ethically and Responsibly: Ingredient Quality Matters

We take pride in our expert flavorists’ ability to match any flavor using state-of-the-art GC/MS equipment. However, the secret to our success also lies in our ethical supply chain management. We carefully source and select our ingredients to ensure quality, sustainability, and safety. This includes using glycerin certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and cocoa powder certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Minimizing Waste and Supporting Our Community

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond energy use and ingredient sourcing. We strive to reduce single-use plastics and package our products in recyclable and compactable materials. We also partner with organizations like the South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) and South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to minimize our environmental footprint.

Giving back to our community is equally important to us. We proudly sponsor the Orange County Food Bank and support local colleges through donations.

Going Green & Getting Into The Hard Data

We’ve managed to continue growing, improving, and expanding our capabilities while shrinking our carbon footprint. Believe us, we’ve done the math and checked it twice! Check out some of our greenest findings below:

  • In 2022, Custom Flavors contributed 131,889.39 kWh of renewable solar energy and used an overall total of 408,664.39 kWh—that’s 32% of our total energy consumption coming from our amazingly efficient solar energy system.


  • Since 2017, we’ve eliminated 180,349 kg of carbon emissions at our manufacturing locations. That’s the equivalent of planting 5,382 trees! This year alone eliminated the equivalent of planting 1,543 trees.

While 33% renewability is a great benchmark for our manufacturing locations, it’s not where we’re stopping the bar. With goals for 50% renewability by 2025 and complete renewable power generation by 2030, rest assured knowing that Custom Flavors is committed to industry-leading sustainability for the present and long-term future.

Leading by Example: Inspiring the Industry

At Custom Flavors, we aim to set a benchmark for environmental responsibility within our industry. We understand the importance of collective action and know that we can’t accomplish our mission alone. By embracing renewable energy and eco-friendly practices, we’re taking proactive steps to protect the environment and create a more sustainable future.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability and community engagement. To learn more about our green initiatives or how we’re giving back, please contact one of our team members.