We Are Headed To New Orleans!

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Custom Flavors will be attending the National IFT Annual Event and Food EXPO, one of the largest events of its kind. We’ll be meeting with Food Science professionals from around the globe representing all segments of the food, beverage, and nutrition industries. The intention is to inspire innovative solutions to advance our planet’s food quality, taste, safety, nutrition and sustainability.

Meet us at the show! We look forward to seeing you.

IFT 2019

A Quick Guide to Organic Flavors & Certifications

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More than ever, consumers want clean and healthy choices. In many cases, that means having an organic certified product. What’s the difference between all the different organic certifications and terms such as organic compliant?

At Custom Flavors, we develop and produce 100% Organic Certified Flavors and Organic Compliant Flavors, as well as every option in between. We walk customers through the different levels of organic certification every day to find what’s right for them and their products. Here’s a quick guide on how you can use them in your finished products:

Let us know what flavor combos you’re dreaming up and we’d love to help create them!


100% of the Flavor materials are Organic Certified and the Flavor is Certified through a USDA certification body



This follows the organic standard where 95%+ of the Flavor components are Organic Certified and up to 5% of the Flavor can contain Natural, Organic Compliant materials.


This follows the 70/30 rule which requires 70%+ of the Flavor to be Organic Certified material and up to 30% of the Flavor can be Natural Organic Compliant


This is a Natural Flavor where all components are either organic, non-GMO, or compliant to the National Organic Program.

More definitions in the section below.

100% Organic Certified Flavor

Organic Certified Flavor

Made with Organic Flavor

Natural Organic Compliant Flavor

100% Organic Certified Flavor

The Flavor can be used at any level in the finished organic product.

Clean label as the Flavor can be labeled as “Organic Natural Flavor”.

Adding Flavor can enhance the taste experience, differentiate your product, and standardize the Flavor of your finished product through seasonal changes of other ingredients.

The Flavor can be expensive.

Choices are extremely limited because there is a short list of materials that can be used for producing a 100% Organic Certified Flavor.


Organic Certified is less expensive than 100% Organic.

More flavor choices and profiles than 100% Organic.

Clean label as the flavor can be labeled as ‘Organic Natural Flavor’.

Usage rate is high, considering the Flavor components are often weaker and some materials can only be at less than 5%.

Does not work in some applications where the finished product cannot tolerate the additional liquid or powder.


Can be used in specific applications to increase the Organic material in your finished product.

When the product formula is near the maximum allowed non-organic content, this flavor combines the full strength of a conventional flavor while consisting of 70% or more organic material.

Cleaner, more transparent claim of Natural Flavor Made With Organic ‘X’, such as Natural Chocolate Flavor Made with Organic Cocoa.

Popular in Chocolate, Peanut, or Citrus Flavors.

Only practical when used in specific applications where the Flavor can be modified to meet the requirements of your Organic finished product.

More expensive cost-in-use than natural, organic compliant flavors.


Least Expensive.

Most choices and most versatile flavor ranges.

Does not require added costs of certification.

Faster turnaround from sample to receiving your order.

Labeled simply as Natural Flavor.

The key to development of an Organic finished product is to have a partner like Custom Flavors who can “Customize the Flavor” to the specific needs of your product.

Thank you for trusting us with your flavor projects!


July Newsletter: Focus On Summer Flavors

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Summer and Nostalgic Flavors

San Clemente is the perfect spot for our headquarters for many reasons and it doesn’t hurt that this town feels like it was built for summer. The beach, blue skies and warm weather are classic California, classic summer.

We’ve been working hard to bring the flavors of our past and the iconic California summer to our customers. Our flavorists have developed our version of these classics with a dedicated line of nostalgic flavors. Childhood and summer flavors like old fashioned root beer, orange-creme popsicles and cotton candy are just a few to bring back the memories.

As much fun as these flavors are to create, time does move on. Consumers don’t just want great retro tastes, they want them paired in a new way. Think root beer reboot when it’s paired with spicy chilis in a BBQ sauce. Or imagine brightly colored lattes topped with whipped cream and cotton candy. And even take a journey to an exotic tropical locale with a splash of passion fruit mango or coconut mojito.

Let us know what flavor combos you’re dreaming up and we’d love to help create them!


A Personal Piece of Nostalgia

Our team has doubled since 2015 and we couldn’t have done it without a lot of hard work – but we also couldn’t have done it without each of you. At the end of the day, we think of our customers like part of the team. We’re here to serve you, but it’s a collaborative process so we meet the goal of making products taste great.


Thank you for trusting us with your business!

Spotlight on Favorite Flavors

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Black cherry. Blood Orange. A twist on classic combos.

The trends in sweet flavors have taken an exciting turn lately.

Black Cherry. A versatile flavor that’s showing up in beverages, baked goods, nutraceuticals and savory sauces. The sweet, tangy, bold taste is traditionally used in jams and sodas, but look for it brightening up vitamins, juices and adding subtle flavor to sparkling water.

Blood Orange. Aside from their beautiful maroon coloring, blood oranges have a citrus orange taste along with a surprising raspberry flavor. Sodas, teas, alcoholic beverages and candies are just some of the applications for this popular flavor.

Flavor Combinations. We’re seeing some really innovative flavor combinations that cross cultures and pair sweet with savory and spicy. Mango with chilis, caramel with salted pretzel, and toasted coconut with chocolate are just a few that you’ll find on the grocery aisle.

Company Update

We’re adding to the list of certifications that we offer. For customers who need Non GMO Project Verified Flavors – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and we’ll get to work on your perfect flavor creation.

Upcoming Events

We’re gearing up to head to the summer trade shows.

World Tea Expo
June 12-14th in Las Vegas, NV

IFT National Convention
July 16-18 in Chicago, IL

Please reach out so we can meet up!

3 Favorite Takeaways From The Tradeshows

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Wrap up from SCIFT & Natural Products West

The Custom Flavors team had a great time at Suppliers’ Night and the Natural Products Expo and we wanted to share a few of our impressions.

1. We were asked over and over about how to mask bitter and off-notes. Fortunately, we’ve done our work in that area and have developed 2 preferred blends for either blocking bitter notes or providing a general smoothing out of the flavor profile, available in both natural and certified organic options. In bringing your product to market, the groundwork we’ve done will save you time and money. Let us know if you have questions and we’re happy to make a recommendation about which blend is right for your product.

2. One of the things we always look forward to at Suppliers Night and the Expo is catching up with customers and hearing the latest. This year was no exception and we had the chance to say hello to many old friends and make new connections.

3. It was great to make a big splash with our new design. We heard great feedback about how modern, fresh and appealing the new logo and website look. One of our customers even said that the new look made their mouth water. That’s high praise to anyone in the flavor industry! If you haven’t checked out the new website, click here.

The Big Reveal! The Official Custom Flavors Launch

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The wait is finally over! We’re happy to share our new look and our new website.

Custom Flavors

We changed our name to better reflect the services our company provides. Naturally, our new name called for a new look and logo. The logo was designed to reflect the fresh, bold flavors we create so uniquely for our customers. And we loved the idea of including the surf that’s an essential part of the San Clemente community we call home.

As we transition into our new look, we’re also updating our email addresses. Want to update your Address Book? Just replace @customingredientsinc.com with @customflavors.com…or simply send us a quick note and wait for us to reply. We always love to hear from you!

What’s new & the basics that will never change…
While change is exciting, we’re also dedicated to running day-to-day operations with the same emphasis on:

Great customer service
Product development and flavor innovation
Industry expertise

Check out the new website to find out what’s new and how that fits within the Custom Flavors vision.

February Newsletter

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We’re counting down. As of March 1st, we’ll officially change over to Custom Flavors. But before we show off our new logo or launch our new site…

We wanted to invite you to join us at:
SCIFTs Suppliers Night Expo
March 7, 2018
3:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Disneyland Hotel Exhibition Hall
Anaheim, CA

Custom Flavors is a Gold Sponsor this year. We don’t have our booth number yet, but we’ll share that info on Facebook just as soon as we know. Be sure to come see us!

Will you be at Natural Products Expo West this year?
Right on the heels of Suppliers Night, we’ll be walking the Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on March 9-11th.
Let us know when we can meet up with you!

The office is incredibly busy right now. As we prepare for the upcoming trade shows, we’re also weaving our new logo into all our materials and reworking the website. It’s exciting to see the new vision becoming reality. Find us on Facebook to see all the latest updates.

Since 2016, we’ve been able to offer our customers flavors that are certified organic. We’re pleased to continue this certification as we support the organic movement in the food industry. Please reach out to create a new certified organic flavor today!

You can download the full certificate here.

Custom Flavors News for the New Year

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In 2017 we were fortunate to experience company growth, new products and a high level of innovation from our customers. To keep up, we have grown our production size and added great people to our team. We also saw our former President and longtime leader, Mike Wendling, step back from daily operations to enjoy his family and new grandson after nearly 40 years in the food industry. He will be missed, but as with any dedicated leader, he will never fully be away from that which he loves.

Our entire team is working hard to continue his vision and goals of excellent customer service, extraordinary quality and constant improvement. Perhaps the biggest undertaking is to transition from our original name Custom Ingredients to our new name Custom Flavors. Mike and the rest of our team have been busy working toward this change for a long time. Welcome to our new website as we launch our new design, name and logo.

Custom Ingredients, Inc. began as an ingredient brokering company and transformed to follow the passion of its owner to make unique, gourmet flavors for longtime customers. Our company is built from these strong relationships and many of those valued customers have become friends. The spirit of Custom Ingredients will live on under Custom Flavors. Simply put, the new name better portrays our place and function in the industry. While we’re excited about new opportunities for 2018, the name change won’t have much impact on the everyday business end of things. Custom Flavors will serve as a division of Custom Ingredients, using all the same banking information, tax ID and certifications, not to mention the amazing people and facility we have.

Thank you again for your continued business and the relationship we have built with you. We are here to support you in making product development, sourcing and ordering as easy as possible. Please reach out to us with any way we can make that happen.

Alex Wendling, President