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3 Favorite Takeaways From The Tradeshows

By April 4, 2018News
Wrap up from SCIFT & Natural Products West

The Custom Flavors team had a great time at Suppliers’ Night and the Natural Products Expo and we wanted to share a few of our impressions.

1. We were asked over and over about how to mask bitter and off-notes. Fortunately, we’ve done our work in that area and have developed 2 preferred blends for either blocking bitter notes or providing a general smoothing out of the flavor profile, available in both natural and certified organic options. In bringing your product to market, the groundwork we’ve done will save you time and money. Let us know if you have questions and we’re happy to make a recommendation about which blend is right for your product.

2. One of the things we always look forward to at Suppliers Night and the Expo is catching up with customers and hearing the latest. This year was no exception and we had the chance to say hello to many old friends and make new connections.

3. It was great to make a big splash with our new design. We heard great feedback about how modern, fresh and appealing the new logo and website look. One of our customers even said that the new look made their mouth water. That’s high praise to anyone in the flavor industry! If you haven’t checked out the new website, click here.