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July Newsletter: Focus On Summer Flavors

By July 10, 2018News
Summer and Nostalgic Flavors

San Clemente is the perfect spot for our headquarters for many reasons and it doesn’t hurt that this town feels like it was built for summer. The beach, blue skies and warm weather are classic California, classic summer.

We’ve been working hard to bring the flavors of our past and the iconic California summer to our customers. Our flavorists have developed our version of these classics with a dedicated line of nostalgic flavors. Childhood and summer flavors like old fashioned root beer, orange-creme popsicles and cotton candy are just a few to bring back the memories.

As much fun as these flavors are to create, time does move on. Consumers don’t just want great retro tastes, they want them paired in a new way. Think root beer reboot when it’s paired with spicy chilis in a BBQ sauce. Or imagine brightly colored lattes topped with whipped cream and cotton candy. And even take a journey to an exotic tropical locale with a splash of passion fruit mango or coconut mojito.

Let us know what flavor combos you’re dreaming up and we’d love to help create them!


A Personal Piece of Nostalgia

Our team has doubled since 2015 and we couldn’t have done it without a lot of hard work – but we also couldn’t have done it without each of you. At the end of the day, we think of our customers like part of the team. We’re here to serve you, but it’s a collaborative process so we meet the goal of making products taste great.


Thank you for trusting us with your business!